Neo Girdle, man complements the effort of exercise.

Neo Men's Girdle

Corrects posture, compresses the abdomen, reduces measurements in seconds, it also has a thermal lining that helps you sweat in the front part of the abdomen while you use it; Complementing your effort to lose weight in this area.

You can use it at the gym, all day at home, at work, wherever you want.

The Neoprene material increases body temperature naturally, helping to enhance sweating with minimal effort, maximizing exercise routines by helping you reduce centimeters around your waist and abdomen.


• For better effectiveness, use it while you train or are in the gym.
• Smart high-performance fabric adapts to any shape and figure, providing a comfortable fit, allowing you freedom to move while exercising.
• It can be used during exercises and while carrying out daily activities.
• Stimulates sweat up to 3 times more with physical activity to help speed up the calorie burning process and reduce body fat.
• The material absorbs sweat, circulates air on your body to keep you dry on the outside, keeping you cool while retaining body heat.

• Helps reduce measurements and shape the middle and lower abdomen area and also the back.
• It is a highly effective shaper due to its strong compression characteristics and its benefits located in specific areas.
• You can accompany this heat-reducing vest with some hot gel.
• Precautions:
- Some people may have skin sensitive to neoprene, if you feel itching, tingling or any other uncomfortable sensation after using this product, remove it immediately and stop using it.
- Refrain from using the product for very long periods of time.
- It is recommended to wash it every time you use it.
- Refrain from sleeping while using the product.
- Handwash
- Do not soak
- Do not iron
- Do not use a dryer
- Do not twist
- Do not use fabric softener