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Wasp Training Waistband - Ref: 401

Wasp Training Waistband - Ref: 401


Introducing the Wasp Training Waistband Ref. 401 from SkinLook, an innovative sports belt designed specifically for men looking for superior support and compression during their athletic activities. Here we present the key details of this exceptional product:

Features key:

  • Wasp Waistband Design: Inspired by the shape of a wasp, this training waistband offers directional compression in the abdominal area, helping to sculpt and define the waist while providing essential support to the lumbar muscles. t655>
  • Adjustable Velcro Snaps: The training waistband is equipped with 2 adjustable Velcro snaps, allowing optimal customization of compression according to your needs and preferences. You can comfortably adjust it for a perfect fit.
  • Muscle and Joint Protection: By providing adequate compression, this training waistband helps protect muscles and joints, reducing the possibility of injury and improving performance in your sporting activities.


  • High Quality Materials: The Powernet outer part with Comfort-Fit properties allows the garment to stretch in all directions, providing comfort and exerting the necessary pressure to shape your figure.

  • Lycra Nylon lining: The Lycra nylon inner lining is soft to the touch and harmonizes your figure. The seams are strategically designed to put pressure on key points without being noticeable under your clothing.

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